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What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?

The main responsibility of a real estate agent is to help their clients buy and sell a property. The properties vary, from a small condo unit to a very big retail mall or even an entire island. Real estate agent has a lot of tasks to fulfill every day. The number of clients he will handle in his entire career depends on his skills and attitude in doing his job.

To take you to the behind-the-scenes action on what a real estate agent do on a regular basis, here are some of them:

: He acts as a source of information about the local laws that govern the buying and selling policies in a particular locality. He is an expert in the geographical significance of a neighborhood in relation to the development of other areas surrounding it. He knows how to read and translate the trends in the market to give better advice to his clients.

: A real estate agent serves as the middlemen between the buyer and seller. He devotes his time preparing strategies that will favor his client’s best interest. It his job to look for a property that his client desires, to negotiate for the price, payment conditions, and to look for possible opportunities that will favor his client.

: Being a real estate is his source of income, therefore it his job to find ways to receive big income from his sales commission. This can be done by communicating with his client the best price possible for the property during the negotiation stage.

: A real estate agent works together with a broker almost like sole proprietors. The two-man team works as if they are managing their own small business. They do administrative tasks including preparing listings, writing agreements, making copies of different documents, working with lending agencies for the mortgage, preparing tax calculations, etc. They also respond to day-to-day correspondence including phone calls, emails, social media messages, and comments from different platforms.

: A real estate agent is responsible for marketing his clients’ properties. He does this by organizing open houses, posting listing photos and videos on the internet, writing listing descriptions, posting the property to the MLS, distributing flyers and calling cards, attending events where potential clients gather together and advertising his listing in social media sites.

: It is also his job to create a network of trusted friends and business partners who can refer potential clients to him. To do this, he should be confident to talk with and knows how to get the trust of his acquaintances. It helps if he is friendly, approachable and knows how to make other people feel comfortable.

A real estate agent plays many different roles every day. Simply put, he makes himself helpful in assisting his clients in many aspects of buying and selling a property.

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