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Las Vegas Outdoor Activities

The glitzy charm of Las Vegas goes beyond its neon light district. The grand casinos, luxurious hotels, big shows and colorful culture surely attract people around the world. However, let us take a look at other activities that you and your family can enjoy outside a roof.

Jumping off the Stratosphere Tower

We don’t have to go any further yet. Jumping off the Stratosphere Tower in the main city can give you the experience of a lifetime. This is not for the acrophobic though as the setting is at 350 meters above the Strip, one of the tallest building in the western USA. Going up, you will be taken by a high-speed elevator in an ear-popping, adrenaline rushing ride. At the top, you will be treated to a dizzying heights and neon lights flashing at night. After a quick safety course, you will walk unguided until you reach the edge of the platform.  There, hold your breath before you free fall in a height of more than 100 stories back to the ground.

Hiking in the Valley of Fire

You might have seen this park as the setting for several Hollywood western movies. True enough; the entire Valley of Fire state park is very cinematic in nature. The park is more famous for its bizarre rock formation with equally bizarre names such as Arch Rock, Mouse’s Tank and White Domes. Go there in the early morning or late afternoon to photograph the all-natural landscape, far from the artificial buildings of The Strip. Hike near the mountain and you will be amazed to find out that the rocks contain petroglyphs of the ancient Native Americans.

Kayaking the Colorado River

Take a day tour of the Colorado River and Hoover Dam which is a just 40-minute drive from the Strip. The dam leads to the underground route and there, you will see the massive electricity generators up close.  Then you can go kayaking at the lake formed below the dam; continue paddling through the river canyon, then stop at the desert hot spring.

Riding a helicopter to the Grand Canyon

By a car, going to the Grand Canyon is a five-hour drive which is quite exhausting. The fastest and best way to enjoy sightseeing in the Grand Canyon is by helicopter. Though it is far and the tour is expensive, you don’t want to miss a visit to USA’s signature attraction. The canyon looks more regal from the bird’s eye view. The helicopter tour will include a mesmerizing landing inside the canyon where you can experience the wonders of the cliffs artistically carved over the millennia by the natural forces of nature.


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